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5 Reasons Why You Need An Event Photographer

When organising an event, one of the biggest challenges to be faced is deciding what qualifies as being important enough to take a bite out of our budget. You have one opportunity to capture your event in all of its glory, before it’s gone forever. Choosing the right photographer and ensuring they are well prepared is essential. Here's why...

Help your guests immerse themselves in the moment

The digital age is among us, camera phones have made everyone a ‘photographer’, and hash tagging Instagram captions to broaden the awareness of events is bigger than ever, being its most effective method of marketing. For a lot of individuals, the thought of being captured at an unflattering angle accompanied with the wrong lighting, without their control of retaking, reviewing, and photo-shopping… is petrifying. The event photographers aim is to help people immerse themselves in the moment, encourage them to put their phones away, and let the professionals do the photo taking. Weddings are a perfect example, quite possibly a pressure like no other, and camera phones can’t steal event photographers thunder in this instance! Both the couple and the photographer need to connect on a professional and personal level to make the bride and the groom and all their guests feel relaxed, and that is the best way to capture genuinely candid, fun images. The aim is to help them all to forget to check their phone, or to make them feel as though they can rely on the photographer to take magnificent photos.

Enjoy The Moment by Tang Kam Kenneth

Visual content is essential, make sure you invest in it

With the rapid rise of social media, the entire world has become extremely visual. You are 94% more likely to pay attention to any online interaction if it is in the form of photograph or video. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, a photographer for any event is crucial because photos have an ability to be used and interpreted in countless different ways; whether it is to promote an event, show how successful it was or to document a once in a lifetime moment. You can use the event photos to improve the professionalism of your website and using the photos to promote future events will help to build a portfolio of the services you offer. Good images, especially on social media, have the potential to go viral, which gives your event or business fantastic exposure.

The Runway by Dom Graham-Hyde

Style your event

Rather than solely relying on attendees to take the photos, which are most likely to be of a worse quality, disappointing editing choices, and not capturing the true atmosphere of the event, why not source an event photographer who can highlight exactly the style of photograph you desire. There are a handful of possible photography styles to demonstrate, such as documentary, portraiture, fine art or an edgy and bold approach. Communication is key when trying to determine which style shows off your event best and, in the case of a corporate event, it gives the right brand image.

My Blend by Debbie Bragg

A weight off your shoulders

A professional photographer isn’t there to enjoy themselves like everyone else is, and they probably won’t know anyone attending, so their focus is solely on capturing the event from every angle. They will most likely have years of experience, along with a range of high quality equipment. This means they know exactly how to shoot in various lighting conditions and weather, and it also means they won’t waste time on the job figuring out how to use the equipment like your best friend’s, work colleague’s, Uncle might. Corporate event photography is surprisingly not very different from wedding photography, it’s just a lot more straight forward. It’s important for event photographers to be briefed by a representative of the brand or client explaining exactly what is expected as well as specific event details, so that they can capture the flow and feeling of the day and won’t miss out on anything that is an important feature. Corporate events often encourage their attendees to tweet during and after the event, as well as post the event on LinkedIn to promote their business or cause – so having a professional event photographer present to quickly edit and provide quality photos post-event is imperative.

Bridesmaids On A Break by Jetro Staven


When it comes to Venue and Catering event photography, still images are still incredibly important to capture. They help us to reflect on the environment and get in touch with our senses. Every event needs a venue, but it takes great skill to show off an empty room enticingly. Similarly, capturing the close-up of a canape can ignite a mouth-watering memory and inspire them to recreate it, or an amusing reminder of when it fell before their mouth on to their favourite shirt. You never truly know what a photograph might mean to someone until it’s captured, and they have shared it with their friends, family or colleagues online, which is why event photographers are so important.

Dancing Queens by Joe Okpako

So what do you think about when you think about event photography? Do you think of it as capturing the most precious moments in life? Maybe you associate it with a flashy, formal event or ceremony you once attended? Either way, photographs serve as a way to capture a moment in time in a tangible form—on a sentimental level, sensory or a corporate level. The better the photograph, the more effective the message and lasting memory.

Photographers featured: Tang Kam Kenneth, Dom Graham Hyde, Debbie Bragg, Jetro Staven, Joe Okpako.

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