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Event Photographers: A Different Breed

Event photography is about catching real moments.

It’s about capturing the spirit of the speaker, the determination of the performer and the passion of the bride and groom in a moment so powerful they leap from the image and pull you in. Getting the perfect shot takes practise, stealth and intuition to pre-empt the movements and emotions of the subjects whilst blending in to watch the moment unfold organically.

Event photography really began with the introduction of the first “portable” cameras . Amateurs and professionals alike could carry around a camera and take photographs of moments as they happened as opposed to posing a set up and sitting for it. This development of a fluid link between action and photography really pushed the quality and personality of the pictures produced and lead to the birth of a worldwide, booming industry.

The way that images are shared and stored is constantly evolving, but the need to keep a physical copy of photographs remains the same. Can you imagine having your entire wedding captured only on Instagram Stories or Snapchat, only for the images to disappear from the webasphere after 24 hours? We often need to see a physical reminder of a special day or occasion to ignite our memory and to share with others. In 30 years’ time, our grandchildren may be taking 4D photographs themselves, but I’m sure they will still be just as happy to get out the old photo albums and reminisce as we always have been.

The beauty of Event Photography is that it takes away the vanity of perfect angles and captures people in a raw state, experiencing emotion, pain, passion or delight. Lost in thought or acutely focused, the build up to the moment captured might be days, weeks or even years long.

Event Photographers are talented artists, expect the unexpected, seeking the best opportunities without saying a word. Through practise, trial and error, they learn to ‘just know’ when that magic moment is coming and move through it to capture those few precious seconds forever.

Have you captured an incredible moment that needs to be showcased? Enter the Event Photography Awards now.

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